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Kent is a place where answers aren’t simply given, but the passion to go out and get them is the lesson. Whatever challenging, exciting fields of study you pursue at Kent, you won’t just learn the book— you’ll be taught the skills and the courage to write a new one. 

At Kent, we take great pride in our excellent faculty, but what truly makes them stand out is their unique, shared philosophy.

They are here to teach, inspire and support, but above all to empower you. Whether studying Engineering, Chemistry, Meteorology, Mandarin, or Global Economics, you won’t merely be presented with material, but instead challenged to create learning experiences that ignite your interests, utilize your talents and reveal your potential. 

At Kent, the lines between the educational disciplines have been erased, and you will be encouraged and expected to take immersive participation to the level that best serves the pursuit and achievement of your goals. You’ll bring the passion and curiosity you realize in each subject with you as you explore countless other learning opportunities, combining everything you discover to create a whole, individualized experience. 

The level of student-driven learning at Kent transcends traditional education and adds up to something much more—it adds up to you.