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Centrally located between dorms and academic buildings, the John Gray Park '28 图书馆 is the place to find resources: not just books and digital research materials, but approachable, knowledgeable people who are always available to help you. We’re dedicated to your success and take pride in working in a place where your love of learning is supported and encouraged.

Academic Resource Center (ARC) is located here as well, and the staff of the 图书馆 and ARC teach the first year course in research and learning techniques called New Student Seminar, so you’ll get to know us (and what you need to know to do well) right away.

At any time of day, this is a great place to get work done – whatever your preferred study environment. We offer large tables where you can collaborate, individual study carrels when you want to work alone, easy chairs for comfortable reading, and group study rooms when you’re working together. During evening study hall more than half of our space is reserved for silent study.

Our resources are comparable to those of a small college, giving you a chance to familiarize yourself with both high school and college-level resources. As a Kent graduate, that level of comfort and access gives you a head start when you reach university and are expected to navigate the vast resources available for research today.

We give you ready access to our 40,000 print volumes and our extensive and growing collection of digital resources. We’re also equipped with a full-sized classroom with dual digital projectors for multimedia instruction.

For pleasure reading you can turn to our popular fiction, 年轻的成年人, and graphic novel collections, or browse over 50 current magazines we receive. You can check out as many books as you want, all year long.

We are grateful for the generosity of the Friends of the 澳门永利贵宾会 图书馆 group, as well as several endowed funds that support our acquisitions: the Sandy Campbell-Donald Windham 图书馆 Fund, 特金基金, the Braxton Book Fund, the Brodie Family Book Fund, the Elser Memorial Fund and the Leeming Memorial Fund.


Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. 10 p.m.
周六:9.m. 10 p.m.
周日:1页.m. 10 p.m.

Hours are expanded during exams.

Use by the Larger 社区

的 primary goal of the John Gray Park 图书馆 is to support the mission of the School.  As such, our resources are focused on the students and teachers at Kent.  We urge community members to take advantage of their local library resources and through them our resources via Interlibrary Loan.

If you would like to visit our library on campus, please call 860-927-6200.  的 general guidelines for use are:

Use of the John Gray Park 图书馆 is at the discretion of and contingent upon availability of library staff.

Use will be scheduled in advance and outside of the School’s highest-use academic times.

Under certain circumstances, the library may set up an account for a “community patron.”  的 account requires appropriate contact and identifying information and is subject to our standard loan procedures.

社区 patrons may not check out titles newly acquired by the library or other materials the library staff believe to be important to retain on campus.

All decisions with regard to the use of the library and its resources are at the sole discretion of the library staff.