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The Athletic Hall of Fame

The Kent School Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2001 to honor alumni, coaches and teams whose athletic achievements are of the highest caliber. Alumni and teams are eligible for induction during their Reunion years, beginning with the 10th Reunion. Coaches are eligible upon retirement. All nominees are considered by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, which is chaired by the Director of Athletics and includes alumni and faculty. 

Selection is based primarily on athletic accomplishments while at Kent; however, athletic achievements following graduation will also be considered. While there is no specific limit to the number of alumni inducted each year, only one team and one coach will be inducted annually unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

The deadline for nominations is January 15, and inductees are announced in the early spring. The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is held each year during Reunion Weekend.

The Hall of Fame Committee considers the following criteria in making selections:

  • Awards received (e.g., Pater’s Mug, Class of ’31 Bowl)
  • Number of sports played
  • Number of Varsity letters earned
  • Captainships
  • Individual accomplishments (e.g., school records, all-league status)
  • Team accomplishments (e.g., league championships, undefeated seasons)
  • Collegiate and post-graduate athletic accomplishments

The names of alumni, coaches and teams who have been inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame are inscribed on plaques in the Sill Trophy Room in Magowan Field House.

If you have any questions, please contact Todd Marble at 860-927-6275 or via email at

Click here to watch last year's virtual induction ceremony, honoring our 2020 and 2021 inductees.

2021 Inductees

Duane L. Rhetta 1966
The Rev. Richardson W. Schell 1969
Terrance H. Thoren 1971
Melissa Entwistle Aronson 1981


2020 Inductees

John B. Watkins 1965 
Stephanie Severance McCarter 1970
Randall Rives Perkins 1970
Bradley P. Dorman 1980
Matthew L. Coppola 1990
Mariana N. Lima 2005

1980 Boys Hockey
2010 Boys Crew

2019 Inductees

John C. Taylor 1919
William B. Craig 1934
John R. Drinker 1969
Emerson W. Curry 2004
Jayde A. Bennett 2009

Laurence B. Rand

The 1973 Boys Varsity Soccer Team

Special Recognition
Claiborn M. Carr III 1964

2001-2018 Inductees

W. Halsey Wood 1910
Manuel D. Nadal 1917
Samuel S. Bartlett 1918
Graham A. Nadal 1920
Lawrence M. Noble 1923
G. Foster Sanford, Jr. 1923
John P. Bent 1926
W. Hale Palmer 1926
John A. Holwill 1929
Sidney N. Towle 1931
Jerome V. Roscoe 1932
F. Roberts Blair 1936
Richard I. Purnell 1936
James H. Stanton 1936
James W. Reily Jr. 1937
William G. Thorn 1937
Charles R. Brothwell, Jr. 1938
Leon W. Losee 1938
J. Frederic Requardt 1939
James M. Crane 1940
J. Edward Bassett III 1941
Jerald S. Howe 1943
John R. Miller 1947
Arthur Collins 1948
Eugene L. Cleaves 1949
O. Endecott Perry 1949
James B. Young 1951
Clifford E. Wilson, Jr. 1952
Howard A. Patterson, Jr. 1953
A. Ronald Tooman 1953
David W. Drouet 1955
Jeremy M. Fryberger 1957
Robert M. Fryberger Jr. 1957
Bruce P. Tarbox 1957
Jeremiah M. Sullivan 1957
John L. Sullivan 1957
Edward P. Hobbs 1958
William A. Stowe 1958
Louis P. Buck III 1959
James F. Ferguson 1959
Peter R. Murray 1959
Dayton F. Fryberger 1959
Stephen C. Gladstone 1960
John F. Murphy, Jr. 1961
George Semler 1962
Sam R. Watkins, Jr. 1962
Michael C. Brooks 1963
Philip H. Davis 1963
Richard M. Patrick 1964
John D. Semler 1964
Gifford T. Foley 1965
Anne Ingham Sezak 1965
Donald K. Gowan II 1966
Elizabeth W. Lozier Chapin 1967
Virgil D. Hauff 1967
Jeanne S. Johnson Thompson 1967
Katherine Lambert Pettit 1968
Elizabeth B. Trotman 1968
Robert G. Watkins 1968
E. Damory Rives 1969
Frederick V. Schoch 1969
Mary E. Watkins 1969
R. Curtis Jordan III 1970
Thomas O. Childs 1971
Lawrence T. Piatelli 1971
Laurie H. Pilling 1982
Wendy B. Walsh 1971
Scott E. Perry 1972
Elizabeth Dobbin Barnes 1973
Ellen W. Griggs 1973
T. Carl Jackson 1973
Charles A. Poole 1973
John H. Rooney, Jr. 1973
Christina Poole Thomas 1974
Paul A. Stevenson 1974
Frances K. Dobbin Thayer 1975
Kevin M. Dougherty 1975
Joseph W. Poletto 1975
John C. Marsh 1976
Ellen J. Remsen Webb 1976
Lizanne T. Sutherland Mulligan 1976
Mary C. Tyng McKenzie 1976
Gerald J. Anderson II 1977
H. Ike Bogosian, Jr. 1977
Cora Michalis Thomas 1977
Leslie A. Johnston Grayson 1978
Brian D. Dorman 1979
Virginia H. Armstrong 1979
W. Norris Jordan 1980
Karen Marsh 1980
Christopher B. O’Callaghan 1980
Brian C. Perry 1980
Tracy A. Greene Craighead 1981
Kevin P. McLaughlin 1981
Michael A. Wright 1981
John D. Piatelli 1982
Pamela F. Ingersoll 1983
David W. Quinn 1984
Alice Smith Clark 1984
Jack Capuano, Jr. 1985
Craig Q. O'Callaghan 1985
Blakeney C. Davenport 1986
Hope H. Eighmy Pascucci 1986
Heidi Stultz Brooks 1986
Ellen S. Austin 1987
Kristina Farrar Stookey 1987
Christine Neill Fouts 1987
Maureen Neill Karle 1987
Monica C. Varri 1987
Robert P. Beuerlein, Jr. 1988
Harry M. Lightfoot Jr. 1988
John M. Dolan 1989
Holmes Harden, Jr. 1989
Helen F. McDermid 1989
Colleen Carroll 1990
Robert D. Wynne 1990
Sherry L. Fayerweather Brodie 1991
Elizabeth A. Endress Stewart 1993
Daniel W. Pike 1993
Anda M. Adams 1996
Jeffrey S. Harpham 1997
Dana L. Peirce 1997
Eleanor H. D'Ambrosio 1998
Matthew F. Dunn 1998
Colleen Neill Overlock 1998
Michael G. Harley 1998
Jessica H. Arnold 1999
John M. Bogosian, Jr. 1999
David M. Coratti 2000
Laura C. Fonte Schweitzer 2000
Meghan Barringer Pitter 2001
William M. Daly 2002
Etienne Trepanier-Boulay 2002
Katherine R. Taft 2002
Samantha R. Pitter 2003
Antonio T. Brecevich 2004
Marissa O. Mullane 2004
Marc B. Bucks 2005
Jordan A. Pyers 2005
Kerry M. McKenna 2006
Nicole L. Hynes 2007
Christine F. Roper 2007
Oleksandra V. Dosenko 2008


Peter W. Bragdon
O. B. Davis 1942
Edward C. Dunn (Hon) ’98, ’00, ’06 
Edward F. de Villafranca (Hon.) 1959
Donald K. Gowan II 1966
Mark C. McWhinney 1975
Robert W. Partridge (Hon.) 1965, 1969
John S. Perkins
W. Hartwell Perry, Jr.
Louis C. Theobald, Jr.
Thomas D. “Tote” Walker 1919


The 1933 Crew
The 1938 Crew
The 1947 Crew
The 1950 Crew
The 1955 Football Team
The 1957 Hockey Team
The 1958 Soccer Team
The 1961 Crew
The 1961 Soccer Team
The 1966 Boys Basketball Team
The 1966 Field Hockey Team
The 1972 Crew
The 1972 Boys Soccer Team
The 1973 Ice Hockey Team
The 1974 Ice Hockey Team
The 1975 Football Team
The 1980 Boys Crew
The 1981 Boys Crew
The 1982 Boys Lacrosse Team
The 1984 Ice Hockey Team
The 1983 Baseball Team
The 1983 Girls Crew
The 1986 Girls Crew
The 1992 Football Team
The 2001 Football Team
The 2008 Girls Basketball Team

Special Recognition

Asvero “Huzzy” Rosato (Hon.) 1966
Robert L. Sanford 1950
Arthur H. Walters