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Exercise & Enrichment

At Kent, there are as many opportunities for self-discovery, learning and fun outside of the classroom as there are inside, and after the day’s classwork is done, the campus continues to buzz with energy and activity. Students are expected to fill their schedules and find ways to challenge and enrich themselves by participating in anything from riding to robotics.

Kent offers 26 interscholastic sports divided equally among males and females.  We field 60 interscholastic teams in these sports annually.  Twenty-four intramural sports and 22 non-athletic activities complete the array of offerings.

We compete interscholastically in the Founders League, one of the most competitive and best-known independent school leagues in the country, and one the college coaches watch closely.

Athletic facilities at Kent include turf fields, a state-of-the-art fitness center, cross-country trails, stables, and, of course, the famous Housatonic River for rowing. 

And whether you choose lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis, squash or a combination, your coaches will not only help you master strategy and technique, they’ll inspire you to push your performance and build the resolve, dedication and pride which will be marks of your character both on and off the playing fields. 

Here, you will find an extensive array of options to explore. You can spend your afternoons studying dance, practicing your monologue, skating, perfecting your art, swimming, charging your mountain bike down the Appalachian Trail, programming your robot or mastering your equestrian skills in the only year-round, coed riding program in New England. 

However you decide to participate, your free time is yours to fine-tune your skills in something you already know and love, or to explore and discover a brand new passion and talent for something you never thought you’d try. Actually, why not do a little of both?

Contact Cortney Duncan, Director of Athletics and Student Activities

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