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Participation & Discovery

Every Kent student has his or her own set of unique, character-defining “ands.”  You’ll discover lots of yours in the classroom, but you’ll find just as many by participating in everything campus life at Kent has to offer.

Kent’s 1200 acres include 13 playing fields, a cross-country running course in Macedonia Valley, a piece of the Appalachian Trail and a stretch of the Housatonic River. There are over 30 clubs and organizations, intramural sports and activities, and many opportunities to do vital and fulfilling community service projects. 

Joining in and challenging yourself to trying new things is what Kent life is all about.

If you’re into science, you might want to try an art project. If you’re a star athlete, try acting with the theater club. If you’re a serious artist, pick up a club sport. You never know what hidden talent or strength you might discover through the countless new, fun experiences available every day. And of course sometimes you might just want to take a swim in the brook, go to town for pizza, play table tennis in the dorm or take a trip to New York City on the weekend. 

Living at Kent will give you a real feeling of independence and accomplishment. As you follow your daily schedule, go from classes to your job, meet friends for lunch, or go into the town of Kent for a break, you’ll be collecting valuable experiences that will not only help prepare you for college but for whatever comes after it.